SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Heart Diseases, Even in Nonsmokers.
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Austin Air Purifiers

The only manufacturer to have our products designated as Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

When you want a fast efficient purification of the air Austin is the only manufacturer to have their products designated as Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

The full collection of Austin products can be viewed at the bottum of this page. More information about our carefully  selected offering is here


• Austin is the only manufacture to successfully reduce asthma attacks and respiratory problems in a clinical trial conducted by the medical community and recognized hospitals.

• Johns Hopkins Hospital have chosen Austin medical grade air purifiers to conduct four clinical trials.

• Austin were selected by the US Federal Government to provide the emergency air purifiers to the citizens of during the destruction of chemical weapons and, under the guidelines of FEMA and Red Cross, selected to help in the 9/11 aftermath. It was a national tragedy that resulted in catastrophic level of smoke and debris..

If you believe that action speaks louder than words, then you have every reason to believe that this highly rated air purifier from Austin Air is more than capable of removing irritating smoke from your living room. The odour is removed through the huge activated coal filter - one of the largest in these sizes of machines.

Which model is right for you?

Austin come in two sizes. The Standard size is for up to 140 sq.m. (1500sq.ft.), the Junior size models are for up to 65 sq.m. (700sq.ft). The Plus models are designed for toughest air contamination conditions. The non-Plus systems are adequate for normal situations in homes, offices and public spaces.

Tobacco smokers are recommended to choose a the HealthMate Plus model, the HealtMate is an even more cost efficient and sufficient in most cases. For a more silent operation and good performance the Bedroom Machine is an alternative. One shall keep in mind that tobacco smoke do clog the filters and filter lifetime can be reduced as much as 40-80% for cigar smoke environments and some 20-40% for cigarett smoke.

If the only concern is air borne particulates and some gases, chemicals and VOCs. Then all of our machines work Including the Allergy Machine and Allergy Junior which only has the carbon and HEPA filters.

If you want the ultimate coverage for the most basic chemicals that Carbon can remove then we would recommend the Bedroom Machine, as it has a second layer of Cabon to capture any chemicals, VOC’s missed by the 1st layer of carbon.

If you want a broader spectrum of chemical and VOC coverage then we would suggest the Healthmate or the Healthmate Jr.  as it has an added Zeolite to the carbon to broaden the chemical, VOC coverage. 

To get the broadest and best coverage for VOC’s we would recommend the Healthmate Plus/ Healthmate Plus Jr. as it has Carbon, Zeolite and Carbon impregnated with Potassium Iodide. This is also good for specific chemicals like formadihyde.  

The below chart is a guide when choosing the right Austin air purifier system:

For smoking rooms and lounges we typically recommend The HealthMate or HealthMate Plus  Machines.

Austin offer several different colours for their systems. The following pictures show the currently available options for both the Standard and the Junior sizes:

and for the Junior systems the "Allergy Machine Jr" and the "Baby's Breath" the following colours are available in addition:

Clinically Proven

In a unique study carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a group of children diagnosed with asthma and who are regularly exposed to second hand tobacco smoke (SHS) were monitored over a 12 month period. The aim of the study was to measure the effects of using an Austin HEPA air purifier in the children’s home environment, with a view to reducing the number of unscheduled hospital visits. Read more

California State of Emergency for environmental gas leak is over.

Austin multi-purpose air purifiers were designated to protect the citizens of Porter Ranch and surrounding areas as SOCAL worked 24/7 to plug a gas leak that erupted on October 23, 2015  spewing 1200 tons of methane into the atmosphere every day. Read more

.... and even more case studies here.