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Heartfelt - Humidity Control

One of the main advantages of the Heartfelt beads is the cost. Heartfelt beads does not age and has a very long life - many years. The only recurring cost is of adding distilled water. Other solutions only last 60-90 days.

The beads come in different container tubes and containers. The amount of beads required are approximately as follows. Rather add more beads than less of what is recomended if you have variations in temperature and or humidity over time.

  • Small tube                                                    4,4 liter
  • Medium tube                                                8,8 liter
  • Round Small Cigar Humidifier 70%             8,8 liter
  • Round Large Heartfelt Cigar Humidifier      17,2 liter
  • Large tube                                                   17,7 liter
  • Small stainless steel container                    17,7 liter
  • Extra large tube                                           32,7 liter
  • Medium stainless steel container                35,4 liter
  • 0,5 pound                                                    70,8 liter
  • 1 pound                                                      141 liter

Read more about how to use the Heartfelt system here.