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Lüpperts - Carpets, Rugs & Textiles

That extra accent to a room is given by the light, the art and the carpets. The carpet & rugs are not only decorative, they add to the sound, atmosphere and ties together the different colors, shapes and designs you have chosen. This is why carpets and rugs have been precious and high-value items through centuries.
We have a full range of modern and contemporary products in different materials, sizes, shapes and price points. All of the highest standards. But, what can be better in any lounge - modern or classic - than a real hand made oriental wool and silk carpet, with high density of knots, a dense easy to clean surface and the most natural colors that blend into any interior. That's the Essence of carpets, still after hundreds of years. These works of art last for generations and get even more beautiful after being worn.
We have been buying our carpets and rugs from Lûppert's for more than 30 years and were never disappointed.
Click on the picture of the style you are interested in and we will show you more!
(Information in the carpet & rugs section is in Swedish - If you want any help or support please use the chat or email and we will serve you.)