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Railis Design ft. by Perique - Designer & Bespoke Furniture

After the impressive reception by interior designers, collectors and celebrities in US and UK we are extremely proud o present this collection to broader audience. For a quite reasonable investment you are given the opportunity to add timeless and unique pieces of practical and decorative art furniture to your home or office.

Railis Kotlevs is most well-known for being the head of his own art and furniture design firm, Railis Design, the truth is that Railis Kotlevs is a Renaissance man in the art world. He is skilled in music, graphic design, writing, and film making. 



Railis Designers, from left to right Renats, Ruslans, and Railis, enjoyed the natural splendours of Iceland, became inspired to find new ways to be better to the environment. As a result, most of the items that you will see Railis Design create clearly draw inspiration from Iceland’s pristine waters, striking landscapes, majestic mountains, and lush wildlife.

The studio is located in beautiful Husavik, Iceland. Material is collected from the natural supplies in the surrounding area, too. After all, the goal is to bring beauty and charm home to you

Iceland is known for many things – great food, amazing natural scenery, and uniquely modern designs. If you love Iceland and enjoy the high quality materials and cratfsmanship that you find there, you are going to love what this family owned and operated studio create.

Iceland’s nature have inspired Railis to become a better person to the planet. "For a while, all I could think of is how I can share this kind of natural beauty with the world, and how I can do so without being part of the reason why earth’s environment is in peril. As a result, I started to make original artwork using some of the parts of nature that I have found while walking around Iceland, includ- ing rocks, driftwood, and even flowers. All of it is as eco-friendly as can be, and they give people the ability to share Iceland’s rich culture with the world", he explains.