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Wood Series - W Series

A very special and luxurious Signature collection which includes five extraordinary fragrances based on wood: Amber WoodHatkora Wood, Patchouli Wood, Rose Wood and Santal Wood.

The name of the collection is W Series and it provides five niche compositions as additions to the current rich offer of the house of Ajmal, which will provide top quality raw ingredients to customers in the Middle East. Amber, Hatkora lemon, Patchouli, Rose and Sandalwood can be found in ingredients of the five new perfumes and they originate from the countries best for their origin, ensuring additional value for fragrance connoisseurs.

Fragrance Amber Wood is a true masterpiece based on extraordinary shades of amber. It is built around juicy fruit and spices, accentuating apple, white pepper, lavender and cardamom, leading us to the warm heart composed of woody-powdery notes of orris and cedar wood. The base of the composition is formed of hot shades of amber wood and patchouli.  

Perfume Hatkora Wood is a rich woody fragrance composed of semi-wild citruses (Hatkora lemon), enriched with sweet oil from lemon skins. The composition opens with citrusy notes of Hatkora wild lemon originating from Assam, Mizoram and Maupur, brought specially for creating this fragrance and combined with sweet fruity notes of peach and luminous lemon. The heart of the composition pulsates in a rhythm of spices and flowers, blending ginger, saffron, rose and lavender in a single fragrant unity. The base is hot and woody, created as a blend of woody amber, oud, sandalwood, musk and ambergris. 

The third fragrance of the collection is Santal Woodcreated of the finest sandalwood oil from India. Top notes of the composition provide a fusion of flowers and spices (marigold, caraway and cardamom), leading to the heart full of jasmine, rose, ginger and cedar wood, leaving a floral-woody imprint. The base is creamy and cuddly, created of the finest notes of sandalwood combined with deep flavors of patchouli and oud.

The Rose Wood blends the best of floral rose and the rose wood to an extraordinary experience. Luminous and seductive, each hint of Rose Wood is utterly spell binding.

The Patchouli Wood is a creation with distinctive notes for the truly distinguished perfume enthusiasts to imbibe them in a sensual & luxurious experience.

The Wood Series of fragrances are made from the best natural ingredients available. Select the one your prefer.