SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Heart Diseases, Even in Nonsmokers.
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A Lounge at Your Place

Perique Projects

We deliver complete lounge setups - from business modelling to layout, interior design, and installation of equipment, humidors and furniture. You may also buy individual items for your home or facility.

A lot of the most admired men in history enjoyed time in their own “man cave”. Ernest Hemingway wrote in a small studio in his home in Key West, Florida that he had converted from a hay loft. Mark Twain penned The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in an isolated hut that his sister-in-law built for him. And the great Sir Winston Churchill would often retreat to an art studio he built in his estate garden so he could relax, paint, drink and smoke.

 Photo: Bettmann/Corbis - Sir Winston Churchill relaxes in his art studio 

Traditionally the idea was that every hard-working man deserves a space of his own at home that he can escape to after a long day; a sanctuary where he can relax, compose his thoughts and pursue his hobbies in peace. In the past, these hideaways went by names such as the study, the den, the game room, the mans cave or the trophy room. Today it is more likely that the lounge is a common space for the family, maybe with a “corner for dad”.


Everybody need their own space. Regardless if you want to enjoy a good book, music or a glass of fine wine you should consider creating such a space. The periquePOD make’s it possible to utilise unused space, or you can plan, build and decorate an existing area in your house or property.

A good idea is to build the lounge around a theme. It can be wine and cigars or perfume and art, sports or any of the other aspects of life you love. If you plan to smoke cigars make sure you keep the smoke away from the other areas in the house.

There are some pretty imaginative setups, but most lounges share a few traits in common;

  • Comfortable Couch and Chairs are a must. It’s all about taking it easy, and there’s nothing easier than an easy chair. There are nice contemporary chairs based on classic comfort and style from De PadovaErik Jorgensen, and Montis,

  • Music System & Movie Screen – another obvious must have's. Music is a must in the lounge. Streamed, on vinyl or CD, music has to be there. A big fat flat or curved screen. A nice movie collection or internet-based video streaming system is a huge plus. The spot to keep an eye on the sports.

  • Music Instruments – If you play any sort of instrument, this is where the jam begins. Hopefully you’ve also got some really good for display.

  • Coolers – Keeping things cool never looked as cool as the mini wine fridge, the climate controlled Humidor and the cold drink mini-fridge. If you want your wine and cigars to rest vibration free in the best possible conditions you have to check out the Liebherr series. 
  • Pure Fresh Air - Air-Purification, Climate Control & Ventilation System – This is an advanced lounge must have item but one that’s essential for many cigar-smoking cave dwellers. A word of advice: you’ll need more of this power than you expect.

  • Humidor – The basement is the perfect place for your storage humidor as its environment can sometimes resemble the interior of a humidor. You also want to have your cigar collection close by to show off to your visiting cigar buddies, a nice table humidor, or a few.

  • Game Equipment – the perfect lounge is equipped with a poker table, and an astro-turf putting green. If you can fit it, a billiards table it is perhaps the ultimate accessory. Other popular additions include video games, dartboards, board games and the like.
  • Bar – A well-stocked bar is a must for any man cave alcohol aficionado, but get a kegerator to take your lounge bar to the next level. Your only problem will be getting people to leave your house.
  • Art & Memorabilia - Paintings, Prints, Framed Posters, Neon Signs, Road Signs – You don’t want your man lounge to look like a road-shack, but a tasteful amount of wall-hanging paraphernalia that reflects your cultural tastes will give the space personality.
  • Textiles, Carpets & Lights - the final touch creating that comfortable, cozy and relax atmosphere. Often forgotten. A real oriental rug will fit into any interior, it will be a good investment and last a lifetime. With the right light the scene is complete.

    Regardless of how you plan to use your lounge, building your own can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour. 

    The most challenging lounge to design and build is one for smoking a cigar. Cigar lovers are always looking for a great place to enjoy a cigar, and as smoking bans eliminate smoking havens, more and more often, that place is in their homes, often in a room dubbed the man cave or a gentleman’s room. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep you from puffing as you descend to your own private cigar club. And for the cigar lover, a man cave can also be the one space in your home where you are free to light up without risking bothering non-smoking members of the household.

    What about taking your fine cigars in a room that’s better than most cigar bars, an area that includes humidified cigar cabinets, a home theatre, complete with a popcorn machine, pool table, golf simulator, office and a bar. The entire space is cigar-friendly, attended to by a pair of smoke eaters that clear the air and keep the aroma of burning cigars out of the main house. That’s pretty close to a dream of a home lounge for a cigar aficionado. Take away the smoking aspect and you will have a very nice place to enjoy and get away.

    Ensuring that the smoke from your premium cigar doesn't escape into other areas of the home, however, can be a bit of a challenge. This a short guide that offer some tips to the enthusiast looking to create a cigar-friendly lounge.

    1. Plan It Out

    Before you start constructing your cigar lounge, it's a good idea to first develop a plan so as to lessen the chance of encountering any major problems while it's being built.

    Start with deciding the location, as this will influence some of your future decisions. Will you be building a brand new room that's attached to your house, or opting to erect a detached house somewhere on your property? Will you use a periquePOD or build from scratch. The major pro of building a detached structure is that there is no chance cigar smoke will leech into unwanted areas of the living house.

    For a cigar lounge, it might be wise to think a little outside of the box, or more accurately, at the top of it. An attic can be ideal for a cigar man cave simply because it's easier to ventilate the rising smoke. For this same reason, a space above a garage can also be a good candidate for a man cave. You might even be able to place a periquePOD on the roof.

    Or do you want to convert an underused space such as a garage or basement? Will a periquePOD fit? Basements make good man caves for a couple practical reasons: utilities are typically nearby, and heating and cooling the space is usually easier since it's mostly below ground level. However, some basements are prone to being damp, wet and musty, which is not ideal for cigars. Consider what equipment you will ned to keep the climate the way you want it to be. Additionally, since smoke rises it can be difficult to ensure that none of it escapes to floors above the basement level. A periquePOD can help you to contain that problem. The right air-purification and climate control equipment is a must.

    Wherever you decide to build your cigar-friendly lounge, it would be wise to consult a professional who can assess your house and figure out what you will need to do to make it structurally sound enough to support another room. Additionally, a good structural engineer will know the local building codes. And, do not forget the fire-alarm and fire protection! 

    2) Contain The Smoke

    Professionally installed spray foam insulation is the best way to keep smoke from spreading to other areas of the house. Proper insulation is a key factor in designing a cigar-friendly lounge. You want this to be a place you can relax, without having to worry about spreading smoke throughout your house and disturbing non-smoking family members. Without proper insulation, you don't have a cigar room. 

    Fiberglass insulation works for keeping in warmth, but spray foam will cover every nook and cranny, really keeping the smoke from getting out. Less expensive, do-it-yourself products are available, but for a job of this importance we suggest you leave it to the pros. Professional insulators use a better product than you can find commercially, and that's all they do, so they know how to do it right.

     3) Purification of the Air

    Among the many decisions you'll make building a cigar lounge, by far the most important is figuring out how you will clear the smoke out of your new room. If you are able to afford it, creating a separate ventilation system apart from the house's main ducts is the best option. If that's not possible, the next best thing is to purchase an ancillary air purifier, heater / cooler and humidifier. Perique sell Austin Air smoke eaters that actually suck up smoke and odors and filters them through carbon. LifeAir are sold to complement the Austin Air machines with silent cleaning of the finest and most dangerous particles in the air. We do not recommend ozon based systems since they should not be used when anyone is in the room, they erode surface materials and can be harmful to the lungs. An ozon system do take away the last fine odors of cigars smoke though. 

    4) Store your Stuff

    What's the point of building your own cigar lounge if you store your premium smokes in another part of the house? You'll want to keep your cigars close at hand, and that means investing in a quality humidor or two. Ideally, your cigar lounge will be kept at a constant temperature below 21 degrees Celsius. 

    Since a cigar lounge is a permanent space, a cabinet humidor is a good purchase - or why not a walk-in humidor. Meant to house a large amount of cigars, cabinet humidors are solid, immobile and ideal for ageing cigars and storing boxes that you want to keep for posterity's sake. Perique will customize your purchase, too, which is always nice. 

    While a cabinet humidor is good for long and deep storage, a smaller desktop humidor can be kept out on a coffee table. Not only does it show that your lounge is cigar-friendly, but guests can see the cigars and grab one without having to open up the main humidor and disturb the slumbering cigars in it.

    5) Make It Your Own

    At the end of the day, all the advice in the world doesn't matter unless you personalize your loung and make it a space of your own. Little touches such as a souvenir you purchased on a trip, a signed jersey of a star athlete, or a work of art that speaks to you are important as they add character to your lounge, and can spark conversations.

    In addition to décor, you'll likely want to stock your lounge with an entertainment system on a nice display using a steady media console from Railis. Add some decorative furniture, maybe an aquarium tank. Consider a really good music system with a gramophone, a flat-screen or projector television, a pinball machine, or a video game system. Or maybe you are into sports and want to set up a pool table, a dart board, or a poker table.

    Whatever your hobbies or passions are, be sure your lounge is setup to pursue them. After all, that's half the fun of having a space you can call your own - and have planed and built it yourself.