SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Heart Diseases, Even in Nonsmokers.
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About us - Perique ... the Essence of ...

The Perique on-line store is part of a larger offering to consumers, retailers and operators of places where people meet and enjoy.

We belong to the ECFT Group of companies owned by the Talwar Norberg family. We have been in business for over 100 years. Back then we supplied modular kitchens, furniture, and other wood based products and we built and developed buildings. Over the years we migrated into and added retail, wholesale, real estate and other businesses. Perique is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. As a group we operate in Europe, the USA, Middle East & North Africa, India and South East Asia.  We started work on the concept "The Essence of" in 2015 and launched Perique in November 2016.

Perique is about bringing the best to every moment - a fragrance, an accessory, a flavour, or an experience in the context of a moment. The team consists of experts in each field we adress. They are experts with a deep and sincere interest in whatever they do. They are passionate and have turned personal interests into a profession. 

Under the Contact menu you may contact us at any time with requests and feed-back. We are eager to know what you think of our products and services and what you would like to suggest we shall do better, more of if there are anything we shall add to what we offer.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram (@periqueco) and Twitter (@periqueco). Don't forget to add and like us.