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There are in the world just a few things that are known without question to be the best of their kind. A Habano –or Havana cigar – is one of them.

We are specialised in Cuban cigars. All cigar production from Cuba is distributed world-wide by Habanos S.A. And, All cigars we sell are taken directly from Habanos. This guarantees that you always get the best and the original product.


All flavours and tastes are provided through a broad range of vitals and brands. Habanos has 28 brands.

Habanos brands

This year, 2016, is the 60 year anniversary of the flagship brand of Habanos - Cohiba.


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In Cuba in 1492 the Spanish expedition commanded by Christopher Columbus saw tobacco for the first time in the New World. The Taino Indians rolled and burnt some mysterious leaves, which they called “Cohiba”, in an unknown ceremony for the explorers. From that starting point more than five hundred years ago, tobacco has been traded and planted throughout the world. Since its discovery, Tabaco Negro Cubano or Cuban Black Tobacco has been considered the best in the world because of the unique growing conditions in some areas of the Island. This distinction remains incontestably valid after more than five centuries.

The heart of the distinction is the tobacco and its taste born of a combination of four factors that exist only in Cuba: the soil, the climate, the varieties of Cuban black tobacco seed and the know-how of the tobacco growers and cigar makers. Other places may have acquired some Cuban skills, even some Cuban seeds, but never the natural gifts of the Cuban soil and the Cuban climate. These you will find nowhere else.

Nor will you find anything that matches the centuries-old culture of cultivating Cuban tobacco: the extraordinary labour that the tobacco farmer invests in his crop; the months and years of patient waiting before his leaf is deemed fit for a Habano.

A further distinction lies in the definition of the term “Habanos”. All Habanos are Cuban, but by no means all Cuban cigars are Habanos.

The title is the Denominación de Origen Protegida (D.O.P), or Protected Denomination of Origin reserved for a selection of the most outstanding brands whose cigars are manufactured to the most exacting standards from tobaccos grown only in particular areas, which are also protected as denominations of origin.

All Habanos are crafted Totalmente a Mano – totally by hand – using methods that were pioneered in Havana two centuries ago and remain virtually unchanged to this day.

More than 500 manual tasks are performed in both the agricultural and manufacturing processes from the planting of the seeds to the Habano’s final resting place in its box.

Every cigar must pass through the most stringent quality control processes established by the Regulatory Council for the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.) Habanos before they can earn the precious title of Habano.

A benchmark for excellence.

The company Habanos, S.A. is a joint venture with the share capital 50%-50%, owned by Cubatabaco and Imperial Tobacco Group. Its corporate purpose is to market all Cuban tobacco products, both in Cuba and throughout the rest of the world, of which the internationally-known Habanos stands out.

Habanos,S.A. was founded in 1994 to exclusively undertake the commercialization of all Habanos brands all over the world.

The company is the world leader in the commercialization of Premium cigars, with a global market share of more than 70% in the segment.  Maintaining a presence in over 150 countries, through its distribution network, more than 90% of the billing comes from the international business activity. The annual sale exceeds 400 million USD.