SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Heart Diseases, Even in Nonsmokers.
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The Story - The Essence of Perique

Perique, our brand, stands for extraordinary experiences as a part of daily life. The essence of flavor, fragrance, color, texture, ambience and tone. Combined to individual preferences and taste. 

Our ambition is to provide a secure, safe, luxury environment where contemplation, value adding experiences of art, and enjoyment can be consumed in different contexts. Be it a moment for relax, enjoyment, celebration or in a business setting.

Horizon the Essence of Nature & Life

Enjoy at home - by bringing the best the world offers to your home - from our on-line store, or in the near future from our shops, lounges, clubs or at 3rd part retailers.

Perique also build brands and branded places to meet, while bringing out the essence of what each and every location can offer. Our own products are complemented with international top of the line brands, products, and services. A Perique spot guarantees a very special time and feeling. Every place improves with a touch of what Perique offers.
Every Perique spot is different. That is because local and individual preferences differ. Yet, the best the world can offer adds commonality, creates familiarity and a sense of home. Every home is different, every corner can become a place to beautifully fill time, space and mind.

We offer a comprehensive concept that is adopted to local tastes by working with local enthusiasts who dedicate their life and professional skills to provide the best to their local customers and international visitors. People who will evolve with the wishes and wants over time.

Activity Golf Sailing and Flavour of a Good Cigar

Our name; Perique /pəˈriːk/ is a very rare type of tobacco, known for its strong, powerful, and fruity aroma. It is produced in very small volume and has limited distribution. The fruity aroma is the result of hundreds of volatile compounds created by anaerobic fermentation of the tobacco. Many of these are responsible for the flavors of fruits and are often found in wine. Often considered the truffle of pipe tobaccos, perique is used as a component of various blended pipe tobaccos. Other products are available in the market that use perique or derivatets thereof as a means of bringing additional character, flavor and fragrance to an  already amazing experience. Perique is also featured in the Mysterioso line of cigars made by the Connecticut Valley Tobacconist. Mysterioso is available with a genuine Connecticut shade wrapper, genuine aged Louisiana Perique, and Honduran tobacco. It is the only cigar in the world that uses a perique blend. The tradition go back to when the Acadians made their way into Louisiana, US, in 1776. They found that the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were cultivating a variety of tobacco with a distinctive flavor. Later in 1824 a farmer named Pierre Chenet is credited with first turning this local tobacco into what is now known as Perique, through the labor-intensive technique of pressure-fermentation.

Preparation and Real Perique Tobacco

The tobacco products we provide are simply the best - Cuban cigars or made from Cuban tobacco. We are affiliated with Cigars Sense to ensure you get the perfect match of flavours from your cigar and can make informed choices. Simply the best way of knowing what you  get when you buy a cigar from us. 

Similarly, many of our Perfumes contains Oud also known as Agarwood. Oud is the King of Perfumes, one of the most original fragrances used by the Egyptians, in the Middle East, India and Asia for thousands of years. The Oud we use come from plantages that are nurtured during more than 25 years, established to preserve the wild forrest where the rare Oud come from.

Oud Agarwood a Product of Nature a Natural Fragrance REAL OUD


All the above are just examples from the beginning of a journey to find the best that brings value to every moment. The same philosophy is behind the selection of each end every item you can find in our store or in our facilities. 

The Perique products and locations are sharing a common theme and ambition by participating in an global network of membership clubs. The members benefit from access to the network of locations. Both win by participating in a sharing environment with efficient and effective infrastructure and supply.

Each Perique location is a unique combination of the modules that Perique offers. The locale can be from 50 sq.m. up to a couple of thousand sq.m.

The Perique concept is provided in partnership with or as a franchise to local business operators who has a detailed knowledge of the local customers preferences and the ambitions required to deliver the best in each and every moment.
We are looking forward to an enjoyable long lasting relationship with you!


Rashmi Talwar Norberg   

Founder of Perique...the Essence of...


Lars R.K.T. Norberg                                                                 
CEO for Perique AB                                         


About us

The Perique on-line store is part of a larger offering to consumers, retailers and operators of places where people meet and enjoy.

We belong to the ECFT Group of companies owned by the Talwar Norberg family. We have been in business for over 100 years. Back then we supplied modular kitchens, furniture, and other wood based products and we built and developed buildings. Over the years we migrated into and added retail, wholesale, real estate and other businesses. Perique is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. As a group we operate in Europe, the USA, Middle East & North Africa, India and South East Asia.  We started work on the concept "The Essence of" in 2015 and launched Perique in November 2016.

Perique is about bringing the best to every moment - a fragrance, an accessory, a flavour, or an experience in the context of a moment. The team consists of experts in each field we adress. They are experts with a deep and sincere interest in whatever they do. They are passionate and have turned personal interests into a profession. 

Under the "Contact" menu you may contact us at any time with requests and feed-back. We are eager to know what you think of our products and services and what you would like to suggest we shall do better, more of if there are anything we shall add to what we offer.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram (@periqueco) and Twitter (@periqueco). Don't forget to add and like us.