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Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No.4 Anejados 25p

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 Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No. 4 Añejados (48 ring gauge x 127 mm long). In both cases, the two new references are not present in the standard portfolio of both brands, but are launched to the market as a unique Edición Especial in limited quantities and for one time only. In both cases, these are Habanos that have undergone an aging process between 5 and 8 years.

The Habanos Añejados are commercialized in their original boxes, which stayed as they are without any label during the aging process and only have been dressed with the corresponding labellings of each brand for their launching to the market. The presentation of these two launchings is carried out in a regular labelled box, the ring and the external stick have been added with the legend “Añejados”, besides the vitolina to explain the concept.

Through the aging process, the cigar has developed, becoming rounder and mellower to the palate with touches of delicate and sweetish taste and, above all, obtaining shades of woody taste because of being placed for all those years near the cedar from which the boxes were made.

At the bottom of each box one can check the date of the original rolling of the Habanos. An additional stamp with the legend “Revisado” (checked) has been added, because 100% of the boxes have been opened and all the Habanos have been individually checked.

The appearance of the Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 is pristine. The wrapper is a rich medium brown color with plenty of oil and only a few faint veins. The appearance is very smooth. The packaging with the extra band and the “revisado” stamp is of course very nice.

Overall, construction is great. The draw is neither too loose nor too tight, and the burn line was fairly even throughout the smoke. The Anejado has the mellow flavors that you would expect from a cigar made out of aged tobacco. Notes include natural tobacco, almond, walnut, and hints of sweetness. The Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 has a fair bit of complexity balancing out the flavours.

BRAND Hoyo de Monterrey
FACTORY NAME Hermoso No. 4
MEASURES Ring Gauge 48 (19,05 mm) x 127 mm in length
PRESENTATION 25-unit regular labelled box