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CAF Leather Case for Cigarillos - Black

1,379 SEK
Finest leather case in Black - Just an amazing quality!
  • Cigarillos case for up to 10 little cigars / cigarillos made of Florentine leather 
  • HAND MADE IN ITALY (CAF - "Cuoio Artistico Fiorentino" / CAF di Capanni Fabio e C. sas) 
  • pressed in one piece, so no seams 

Leather production 

The specific identity of the CAF is that their processing methods as in the past, have remained unchanged. That's what the handicraft production indicates that it is unchanged handed down through the generations. In the CAF workshop everything remained as 50 years ago. The products are processed manually, the leather is fleshed with the "Coltella", there are no seams, which products are bent with wet leather on wooden molds, knocked and designed, glued with cold vegetable adhesives. The natural adhesive combines with the leather and will never replace. This production is the subject of his own hardness of the structure that is its main feature. The coloring is also very important: the colors are all made with natural pigments that stain has in every object a different shade, so each piece is unique.

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