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Liebherr Humidor

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Cigar storage perfection in the humidor

Cigar connoisseurs often refer to themselves as aficionados (Spanish: lovers). A genuine aficionado can tell, at the very first touch, whether or not a cigar has been correctly stored. The Liebherr humidor provides tailored storage and a perfect long-term maturation climate for premium cigars. High-quality touchscreen electronic controls and advanced humidity sensors precisely maintain the ideal temperatures and humidity levels. The Liebherr humidor allows separate temperature and humidity control, guaranteeing a perfect storage environment for premium cigars.

To provide perfect enjoyment, cigars mature for some time after production in special climate chambers at humidity of 68% to 75 %. Maintaining this humidity and keeping to a storage temperature of +16°C to +20°C is essential for preserving the quality or for aging cigars. Storing cigars in conditions of insuf cient humidity is detrimental to their aroma and quality. If the humidity is too high there is a risk of mould forming on the precious tobacco leaves. Liebherr’s new humidor provides the perfect climatic conditions for storing or aging cigars over a long period. A high-quality touch electronic control system in conjunction with humidity sensors ensures accurate compliance with the temperature and humidity required.

The precision electronic control system allows the temperature to be set within a range of +16°C to +20°C. The humidity can also be set between 68% and 75%. The temperature alarm alerts the user to any irregularities within the interior.

The two presentation boxes, varying in height and the two wooden shelves are crafted from Spanish cedar woodThe presentation boxes are ideal for storing loose cigars and can easily be removed for presentation purposes.

Liebherr’s humidor has LED lighting, with dimmer function, incorporated in the glass door. As the LEDs emit virtually no heat, the cigars can be showcased bathed in light for lengthy periods, without compromising their quality.

The integrated water tank is filed with one litre of distilled water. Humidity sensors regulate the water requirement and ensure that the humidity is kept exactly to the level selected. A visual display tells the user in good time when water has to be replenished.

The humidor can also be wall-mounted as an attractive eye-catcher and for convenient access.


Exterior dimensions (H/W/D) 61.2 / 42.5 / 47.8 cm
Net capacity, total 39 l
Temperature range 16°C to +20°C

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