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Perfume testing seminar


A Person is the Perfume worn.

You spent an hour trying different perfumes at the mall, and you have a headache... you are overwhelmed by all offers and celebrity names...

This is about how to sample perfumes, which is a very important when choosing the best perfume for you, in a proper way, and how to make you perfumes match your personality, different occasions, and your life-style!


The quality of a perfume is determined by the composition but foremost of the ingredients. There is a significant difference between natural scents and chemical mixtures - when it comes to fragrance and longevity. Most of the time the price of chemical water-based but branded perfumes are still more expensive.


We offer groups perfume testing and culinary events, at a their place of choice. It can be as a separate evening activity or after work event, alternatively as an part of   a conference or off-site meeting.


The introduction will start with a brief history of perfumes, the different perfumes and what to look for. We will explain how to test perfumes and how different fragrances match with the wearer. 

A sampler line-up will thereafter be used for the testing. Each perfumes composition and ingredients will be explored, compared and explained.


Check out our perfume testing offers for your corporate even, private groups, retailers or prospective sales reps. Inquire, for free, by placing an order and we will get back to you to discuss all details for your event.

Price for the Perfume Testing Seminar is provided on a quotation basis as the perfume testing sessions and seminars are tailored to each groups requirements.

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