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VegaFina Nicuragua Shorts 25p

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Rating: 89p

With leaves coming from the unique regions of Esteli and Jalapa, this cigar is 100% Nicaraguan. Impeccably blended and hand rolled, it’s been carefully aged for more than four years. A round, velvety flavor is accompanied by an intense aroma in this medium to full-bodied cigar. It’s a consistent smoke with a balanced and complex finish.

Cultivated with tobaccos from three regions known for the richest leaf, the Nicaragua offers a medium to full flavored profile with notes of sweet spice, dark roast coffee and  subtle hints of nuts and molasses. 

  • Shape: Pajero,
  • Vitola de Galera: Robustos,
  • Length: 110 mm (4´ 1/8),
  • Ring Gauge: 50 (19.84 mm),
  • Weight: -
  • Body: Medium,
  • Origin: Nicaragua,
  • Filler: Nicaragua,
  • Binder: Nicaragua,
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua,
  • Color: -

These extraordinary yet affordable cigars have become one of the most sought-after cigars in Europe. Handcrafted at the famous Tabacalera de Garcia factory, VegaFina cigars boast a luxurious, hand-selected Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper and a flavorful combination of Dominican, Colombian and Honduran long filler tobaccos with a Indonesian binder. VegaFina is a distinctly smooth, aromatic smoke with medium body that is considered by many to be a true “connoisseur’s smoke.”

Rated 92 by Cigar Journal, the VegaFina Fortaleza 2, the more robust version of the original, has notes of wood, leather and herbs with a just a pinch of pepper for a spicy little kick.

Recent editions to this all-star lineup are the VegaFina Nicaragua, and the VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010. 

Especial 2010 is a vintage blend of 3-years aged Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and Dominican binder and filler residing underneath a three-year-old Ecuadorian wrapper. The result is a medium strength smoke with mouthwatering flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and sweet cream.

Occasions: Inspirational

Handmade: Yes