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Vegueros Mananitas

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Rating: 90p

Flavors are mainly straight-up tobacco, earth, and spice, something sweet, and hint of hay. There is something woodsy too. The flavors become spicier, and the wood element really becomes pronounced. The consistency becomes creamy, and the wood and spice notes pick up even more. This is a very reasonably priced cigar, it offers a good value.

  • Shape: Figurado,
  • Vitola de Galera: Petit Belicoso,
  • Length: 100 mm (4´),
  • Ring Gauge: 46 (18 mm),
  • Weight: 6.81gr
  • Body: Medium to Full,
  • Origin: Cuba,
  • Filler: Cuba (Vuelta Abajo),
  • Binder: Cuba (Vuelta Abajo),
  • Wrapper: Cuba,
  • Color: -

It is a tradition in the Vuelta Abajo zone for the Vegueros (farmers) to make their own cigars. Visitors to this part of Pinar del Rio province often want to try such cigars made in the land where the best tobacco in the world is grown.

As a result, in 1996, the brand called Vegueros was introduced to the market as a tribute to the countless generations that have cultivated tobacco in Pinar del Rio. It has a special intensity in its blend that reflects the tastes of the local people.

It is made at the “Francisco Donatien” factory in a sturdy building located in the centre of the city that was built as a prison in 1868 and converted into a cigar factory in 1961.

All sizes are Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally handmade.

Occasions: Moments

Handmade: Yes

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